June 2020

L' Arte nel Corpo

Elements of contemporary dance, improvisation and experiential anatomy for adults 

From Tuesday 29 September, 20-21.30 in Forlì 

Reservations required +39 3402622183

Ginnastica del Risveglio

Sweetness and gradualness to give us the right awakening, taking care of our well-being through gradual exercises, suitable for every need 

From Monday 28 September 9-10 in Forlì 

Reservations required +39 3402622183

Corpo Amico

Dance and creativity for elementary school children 

From Friday 2 October in Forlì 

From 4 to 5 pm (3-5 years old)

From 5 to 6 pm (6-10 years old)

Reservations required +39 3402622183