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What we dance is life (M. Fux)

The mind is like the wind and the body is like the sand: if you want to know how the wind blows, you can look at the sand Bonnie Bainbridge Cohen

  Dance is the mother of all arts. Music and poetry exist over time; painting and architecture in space. But dance lives simultaneously in time and space. Before entrusting his emotions to stone, to sound, man uses his body to organize space and rhythm time (Curt Sachs)


APID DanceMovementTherapy® is a professional practice useful for promoting personal creative resources to encourage personal and social well-being, in support of the harmonization of psychic, somatic and relational manifestations (..)

APID DanceMovementTherapy®, which ideally connects to ancient traditions in which dance was a fundamental means in the practices for the well-being of the individual, cooperates and dialogues in multidisciplinary contexts and teams, promoting the resources of the creative process, dance and movement, for a psychophysical, relational and spiritual integration, the well-being and quality of life of the person. It frequently joins other forms of treatment.

(text taken from the APID website)

Experiential anatomy and somatic movement are practices of re-education of the mind-body system through experiences of listening, encounter and relationship with body structures and the search for new possibilities of movement, in search and creative discovery, inside and outside of us. This type of practice (mainly based on Bonnie Bainbridge Cohen's approach) represents a fundamental grounding for any movement practice both in the artistic, educational and therapeutic fields.

Danceability® is a contemporary dance technique that is aimed at all people, with or without disabilities. It was founded in the United States in the early 90s by Alito Alessi, a famous Contact Improvisation dancer and renowned choreographer.

The purpose of this methodology is to make the language of dance accessible to all interested people, without preclusion of age, experience or physical and mental condition. The meeting of different skills is its prerogative: everyone can experience a new and different experience of their skills (or disabilities) through movement, dance and meeting with others.

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