Pills of ongoing projects

Third Age

In today's panorama, characterized by an increasingly impoverished and pathologized vision of old age, the third age risks being defrauded of its deepest sense of maximum maturity of our character and our uniqueness. DanzaMovimentoTerapia APID® represents in this context a precious tool, a possibility to rediscover the pleasure of expression and feeling through the body, in a context devoid of any type of judgment or evaluation intent, which favors empathy and listening. of oneself as the primary means of meeting and relating. Through the dance movement, the music and the materials explored, the person is accompanied to rediscover the possibilities contained within his limits, to rediscover himself as an active part in the relationship, to narrate himself through the universal language of body and movement. This type of language, its vision of the person and its methodological principles, make this type of path suitable also for people with very reduced mobility and / or with cognitive impairment even in an advanced stage.

Disability and inclusion 

The value of diversity as a wealth for the individual and for the community are at the center of the DanzaMovimentoTerapia courses aimed at people with disabilities and projects focused on the theme of inclusion, aimed at groups of people with and without disabilities. At the basis of both proposals there is the recognition of the theme of the limit and of the possibility as proper to every human being; the desire to promote a culture of inclusion, based on conscious training in empathic resonance with others; an idea of art and dance as privileged bridges of encounter with oneself and with others; the value of every human being in his being what he is, beyond the labels to which we are often subjected in everyday life; the enhancement of beauty that lives and manifests itself in each of us.

  Children and families

Dance and the exploration of the possibilities of expression and relationship through the body and movement represent a privileged instrument of support for the growth and harmonious development of the person. The proposed courses range from projects created ad hoc for school contexts (kindergartens, elementary and middle schools) to collaborations with associations and cooperatives, within afternoon itineraries. The tools used in this type of proposals integrate, modeling themselves to the needs of the different contexts, tools and perspectives of disciplines such as DanzaMovimentoTerapia APID, Contakids and elements of the IDME (Motor development in developmental age) path in their pedagogical-educational value. The versatility of this approach has allowed us to propose courses suitable for children from 3 to 14 years and to children and parents from the first months of life up to 4 years.

Kids and adults

Elements of contemporary dance, improvisation and experiential anatomy for children and adults. Know the body and its possibilities to act, explore and create as a possible path for every human being, beyond their physical characteristics and their age. The techniques used (Floor Work, Somatic Movement, improvisation etc.) will be declined respecting the natural diversity of our bodies. Dance therefore as a possibility of deep listening, rooted in the body, in the breath and in the relationship with the environment that surrounds us. An artistic and educational practice together, for which neither previous experiences nor trained physicists are needed, but only the desire to discover and get involved in a process of creative, artistic and human research.



Are you curious about his motor development? 

Do you have questions about how to move it, lift it, turn it over? 

Are you wondering if and how to play together from the very first weeks? 

Wondering what it will do in the coming months? 

Would you like to meet other families with whom you can share questions, discoveries, moments of play and relaxation? 

If these questions intrigue you, MOVIMENTO CRESCITA awaits you with tours in small groups and / or individuals ONLINE and when it is possible in presence, to support the motor development of our children, rediscovering a harmonious and natural listening to your children's and your needs. This proposal follows the IDME approach - Infant Movement Development Educator - BMC® path